Saturday, January 07, 2006

Hunting Long-Horned Beetles in Iran

I love to read about natural history expeditions no matter what type of animal or plant they are looking for, whether tigers in India, new birds in Peru, or insects in New England. Invariably many interesting things are seen and new things are learned about the areas biota. Often it satisfies some of our curiosity about an exotic location. This website describes a recent expedition to collect Cerambicids (Long-horned Beetles) from Iran by a group from the Czech Republic. Along with fantastic pictures of the country and wildlife, the text is great reading for those with an interest in Natural History.

I think what I like best is when the participants passion for their subject shines through. Think about some of the TV naturalists like Sir David Attenborough or Jeff Corwin. It makes it so much better and their exitement is infectious.


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